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“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.” - Buddha

Welcome to Posy and Stem. 
Well, a little bit about me ... I don't have whimsical tales of picking flowers as a child and always dreaming of being a florist, in fact I wanted to be a ballet dancer or an air hostess, and was too short to be either !  Rather, like most paths in my life, I have come into floristry in a bit of a round about way.  My mum always adored flowers and had the most fabulous garden.  She used to take me around her garden showing me all the beautiful plants and blooms and to be honest, I wasn't that interested.  However, it is still 'me Mam' (I'm originally from Newcastle), who I would say brought me to flowers, although she'll never know. 
It was when she was ill with cancer a few years ago that I discovered that working in the garden was not only therapeutic during that difficult time, but it also connected me with her.  We always did creative things together, whether watercolour painting or pottery, and I know she would be thrilled and proud today to know that I am following a new creative dream with flowers.
There are some amazing florists out there, but I hope that at Posy and Stem we bring you something a little different.  I love to use a mix of dried and fresh flowers, and so you will sometimes find a little surprise of dried flowers in your fresh flower bouquet or arrangement.  I use British seasonal flowers where possible, from local flower farmers in Cambridgeshire, and also try and be as sustainable as possible in the products I use.

That's Mam and I in the picture by the way ... and I was 23 months old (according to her writing on the back!). 

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